Other Information

Private Tutoring
Brighton Academy may require any student who upon enrollment is working below level to attend and pay for private tutoring (cost approx $20.00 per hour.)

Textbooks and Additional Costs as Needed
Textbooks, paperback books, workbooks, projects, classroom supplies, lab equipment and athletics will require additional costs. A description of these costs and grade level materials lists are available in the Business Office. These costs may be defrayed through fundraising. Additional (supplemental) class charges may occur during the school year in order for us to ensure that high-end additions can be contributed to our schedule.

Lost School Books and Supplies
The Brighton Academy administration strives to keep tuition and supply cost down. Non-consumable textbooks and supplies are reused each year. Each of these textbooks cost around $50.00 per book. Therefore, we must charge the student when they lose or destroy their issued textbooks. Likewise, there will be a replacement charge for lost student planners or other Brighton issued supplies.

Regular conferences are scheduled annually in the fall and spring to review student progress. Teachers may request additional conferences for the following reasons:
1. Student is not maintaining passing grades or achieving the expected level of performance.
2. Student is not maintaining behavior expectations.
3. In any other case the teacher seems necessary.

Report Cards
Report cards will be mailed home biannually after each semester ends.

Fire and Other Emergency Drills
Students and staff shall participate in emergency drills or rapid dismissal for fire or other emergencies at least once a month during the school year. When the alarm is sounded, students must follow the direction of the staff quickly, quietly and in an orderly manner.

Field Trips
Field trips may be scheduled for educational, cultural or other extracurricular purposes. All students are considered to be “in school” while participating in school sponsored field trips. This means student are subject to the school’s rules as may be deemed appropriate by the field trip supervisor.

As per Oregon State statutes a student must be fully immunized against certain diseases or must present a certificate or statement that, for medical or religious reasons, the student should not be immunized. Any student not in compliance with Oregon statutes and rules related to immunization may be excluded from school until such time as he/she has met immunization requirements. Parents/guardians will be notified of the reason for the exclusion.

Lost and Found
Any articles found in the school or on school grounds should be turned into the office or placed in the lost and found closet. Unclaimed articles will be given to charity periodically during the school.

School Pictures
Every year, class and individual pictures are taken. These packets may be purchased through the picture company and must be pre-paid and notice will be given before picture day.