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All of us, on behalf of Brighton Academy, would like to thank the countless families that have passed through this campus!
We send all of love and prayers to each and every one of you.

Please send any requests to
registrar@brightonacademy.org by June 30th, 2025.

Brighton Academy is an Independent private school accredited by Cognia. We offer Pre-K through high school instruction in a spacious and modern campus a few blocks from downtown Grants Pass located in beautiful Southern Oregon.

Our unique vision is to pursue academic excellence by designing an interactive curriculum which provides opportunities for self-discovery, personal initiative, and entrepreneurism. We encourage participation in performing arts, fine arts, and student-run businesses.


Our Mission

Brighton Academy is unique because of its clear and distinct approach to education as defined in the following mission statement: We-the board, administration, faculty, parents, and students of Brighton Academy are dedicated to inspiring academic excellence by developing innovative programs that foster self-discovery, personal initiative, and entrepreneurism. Read our Mission Statement for more details.

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Our Philosophy

At Brighton Academy, we believe that there is a divine plan for every child. Therefore, education should be a process of self-discovery not a system of external pressures designed to shape rebels and conformist within the status quo. Children should learn from their inner-promptings and natural curiosity not from social indoctrination and the tactics of conditioning. Read our Philosophy Page for details.

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Dedication & Values

We provide an environment where every student will have the opportunity to develop an effective balance of character, compassion, competence and completion. Develop leadership qualities, opinions, problem solvers and more listed on our Dedication & Values Page which also features our Shared Values, Non-Discriminatory and Religious Statements. Read our Dedication & Values Page for details.

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Integrity & Values

Upholding the values of integrity, patience, respect and caring along with responsibility and determination.

Safe & Secure Campus

Security cameras, constant adult supervision, monitor volunteers and all teacher background checks.

Accredited School

Private, fully accredited by Cognia..