Dress Code

Brighton Academy believes that learning about appropriate dress is an important part of a student's education and personal growth. An awareness of dressing for occasions and events will prepare students for success in their chosen careers.

For this reason, Brighton Academy maintains a conservative dress code for all grade levels, Pre-K through 12th grade. This may not include all present and future clothing styles.

We have provided informational guidelines and example photos listed below:


btNo facial piercings or exposed body piercings are allowed. Only girls are allowed ear piercings, but no excessive jewelry or piercings.
btNo tattoos, heavy make-up or unconventional hair colors or styles.
btHair must be neat and well groomed. Boys hair must be cut above the ears and collar or fastened at the nape of the neck.
btNo hats or hoodies worn in class.

btProper under garments must be worn at all times.
btNO crop tops, tube tops, halters and spaghetti straps (anything less than 2 inches is considered a spaghetti strap.)
btStrapless dresses without jackets are unacceptable.
btThe display of cleavage is unacceptable. Low cut blouses, tops, sweaters, etc. with plunging necklines are not allowed.
btAll garments must be long enough to clearly overlap the beltline at all times even when moving or seated.
btNo skin tight or form fitting tops.

btDresses, skirts and shorts must be at least mid-thigh or below in length.
btLeggings, tights, spandex or yoga pants may only be worn under a dress, skirt or shorts.
btUndergarments and buttock must be entirely covered even when sitting.
btFootwear must be worn at all times.
btNo wheeled shoes or skates.
btNo skate boards, scooters or bicycles can be ridden on campus.
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