schoolWhat kind of testing does Brighton Academy use?
Sonlight curriculum is the back bone of our Pre-K thru 5th grade program; it is a literature-based curriculum that
beautifully ties history to literature at every turn. Singapore Math, Handwriting without Tears and Alphaphonics are
just a few of the programs Sonlight incorporates. By mixing in “hands on” activities we are able to strike a balance
between learning and fun, creating a true discovery based academic learning environment. In our middle school and
high school classes we use Prentice Hall Science and Literature, History Alive. Our comprehensive curriculum map
provides our school with a complete cohesive plan from Pre-K through 12th grade.

schoolHow many students per classroom?
We have a 13:1 student to teacher ratio. This low ratio ensures success for every student. Most of our teachers are
available after school for any needed one on one time.

schoolIs Brighton Academy an accredited school?
Yes, Brighton Academy is fully accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission, NWAC a division of

schoolIs Brighton a religious school?
Brighton Academy is a non-denominational Judeo- Christian* school. Brighton Academy may use biblical material
for its historical content or when applicable to our curriculum.
*Judeo-Christian: is a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common
by Christianity and Judaism, and typically considered a fundamental basis for Western legal codes and moral values.

schoolWhat is the current student population?
120 students (grades Pre-K through 12th)

schoolHow many teachers are on staff?
We have 10 teachers on staff in addition to 5 teacher assistants.

schoolWhat kind of schedule does Brighton run?
Pre-K have classes Monday thru Thursday 8:30 am to 12:00. Grades Kind thru 12 have classes Monday thru
Thursday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Middle school and High School students do have required classes occasionally in
Fridays. Our school year starts the first week in September and ends the 1st week in June, with holiday breaks
similar to the public schools.

schoolWho owns Brighton Academy?
Brighton Academy is a non-profit Oregon Corporation. The school is run by a Board of Directors.

schoolWhat elective classes does Brighton offer?
Cooking, computer, keyboarding, sewing, ceramics, gardening, Spanish, and a theatre department are some of the
electives that may be offered. To bring our History and Literature to life we also incorporate hands on science,
relevant cooking projects and coordinated arts & craft project to each era that is being studied.

schoolDoes Brighton offer tutoring services?
If a student is behind in a subject Brighton can help families connect with a tutor. This tutoring will continue long
enough to bring the student up to class level.

schoolWhat kind of testing does Brighton Academy use?
In the 1st semester we assess all students in Math and Reading. This assures that they are placed in the appropriate
level, and it identifies any remedial students who need tutoring. We again assess all students mid-2nd semester in
Math and Reading to ensure they are progressing at grade level. All other subjects have assessments built into the

schoolHow does Brighton Academy ensure the campus is safe?
Brighton Academy is monitored by security cameras. We utilize our volunteers, in addition to our staff as campus
monitors so there is constant adult supervision. All visitors or volunteers must check with front office. We conduct
background checks on all teachers and aides.

schoolDoes Brighton have any child care available on campus?
Yes, we have an Extended Day Program (EDP) that is offered only to Brighton families. It runs Monday through
Thursday 12 Noon to 5pm, at a charge of $4.00 per hour per child. We do not have school on Fridays.

schoolDoes Brighton Academy have a school cafeteria?
Yes, we run a café on our campus. We sell snacks and beverages at recess as well as a lunch meal. Our extended day
program has access to the café as needed. The café is where we conduct our student cooking classes.

schoolDoes Brighton Academy have a sports program?
We offer group sports in our PE program. Because we do not have an interscholastic after school sports program our
students are eligible to participate in the public-school program.

schoolIs parental involvement encouraged?
Brighton Academy believes family involvement is an essential part of a child’s education and volunteer hours are
required from all Brighton families. Since fundraising is essential all Brighton families are required to participate in
both our Jog-a-thon and our 1st semester Raffle, meeting individual goals set.

schoolDo students have to wear uniforms?
No, Brighton Academy does require students to dress appropriately for school. Please see our dress code on our

schoolIf I’m interested what do I next?
We first suggest you review our parent packet (pdf) and then we encourage you to come take a tour of our campus.
We also invite your child to spend a day at Brighton free of charge. Lastly you need to return the completed
registration forms to our front office. Since we do have such small class sizes we highly suggest early registration to
guarantee your child a spot.

schoolCan Brighton students earn college credits?
We have developed a plan for students, who are willing and able, to earn a 2-year University transferable college
degree while concurrently earning their high school diploma on our campus. These are the full RCC college courses
and students attend classes at the RCC campus.