At Brighton Academy, the Elementary School begins with Pre-Kindergarten and extends through the 5th grade. The basis of our program is outlined in this catalog. Unlike many schools, penmanship is considered an important subject at Brighton and starts in 2nd grade continuing throughout our elementary program.

A Physical Education program is part of each child’s education and begins in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten with a non-specific program. Beginning in the 1st grade, students participate in a structured Physical Education program incorporating the specific needs of each grade level. The program stresses not only physical fitness, but incorporates a basic understanding of nutrition and anatomy, as well as, the mental discipline of team sports.


The Elementary School curriculum offers Art and Science programs as supporting elements to our regular core subjects. Many art projects are tied to the students’ lessons in Social Studies and Science. Music in the primary grades may revolve around a particular holiday or assembly performance. A number of theatrical and musical events are open to the students each year. Other electives include Cooking, Ceramics, Art, Computer, Spanish and Archery.

The goal of Brighton Academy is to build a strong foundation for our elementary students in preparation for success in the Middle School.

See "What To Bring" For A Supply List.