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The Brighton Kids Café offers healthy snacks and well-rounded lunches.
Below is the Monthly Menu and list of Snack and Drink Choices the children have to choose from.
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cafe vouchers • We no longer accept cash in the café. For day to day lunch purchases, Café vouchers can be purchased each day or you can pre-purchase a Café Tab. This will prevent lost money and help you ensure your child spends lunch money on its intended purpose.

• All vouchers must be purchased in the front office.

cafe tab accounts
To help you have better control over the use of your child’s Café Tab we now have 3 options for you to choose from:
          1. Lunch Only
          2. Two snacks and lunch
          3. Open ended
Cafe tabs are pre-purchased in the front office. We require a minimum of $25 per student (we recommend $50 per student) and you will need to replenish the tab monthly (we do provide monthly usage on your billing statement). Any family owing more than $100.00 will not be allowed to use the café until balance is paid.

Pastas, Brown Rice, Side Vegies
Most items on Salad Bar are organic
Other organic items served when available


Brighton Academy • 1121 NE 7th Street • Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Office: Phone 541-474-6865 • Fax 541-474-6866

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