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Third Grade Program

Language Arts
The spelling program is supported by a strong phonics foundation. Students are expected to understand the basics of spelling and are now being challenged to employ the more intricate rules to their spelling lessons.

The third grade reading program begins to focus more intensely on reader comprehension. Students will study setting, sequence of events, drawing conclusions, character traits and author’s purpose. Voice inflection and dynamics are also taught in oral reading. Biographical pieces, as well as fictional literature, are included. Students will also begin novel groups.

Writing and Grammar
This program introduces the different parts of speech. Students will begin to recognize nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, contractions and abbreviations. As students begin letter writing, proper punctuation, spelling and capitalization are the focus.

Students will review their manuscript, as well as cursive writing, from the second grade. Emphasis will be placed on working on loops, movement and smoothness. At mid-year, writing assignments are expected to be in cursive writing. Focus will be on effort and neatness.

Social Studies
Students will form a strong foundation regarding communities. Focus will be placed on the varied kinds of communities found throughout the world. Culture, environment, history, technology and goods are of big importance. The rights and responsibilities of a U. S. Citizen and local government are also clearly defined. Social Studies will encompass map, chart and graph skills, as well.

American History

This course is taught from “The Landmark History of the American People from Plymouth to the Moon”. In this fascinating narrative the author is able to blend the arts of scholarship and storytelling to show that History is more than just facts. This lively, authoritative, and above all inspiring introduction to American history focuses on people, recounting how men and women, fired by heart and spirit traveled from all corners of the globe to America and became its people. Necessity many times was the mother of invention as students will see time and again throughout the year. Students will be asked to partake in inventions of their own as different needs arise. Oregon History will also be taught.

The third grade will be introduced to six distinct modules, each focusing on a different scientific concept. These include habitats, gardening, finding shelter, movement, sound and protecting the earth. Hands-on experiments will be integrated.

The third grade students review addition, subtraction, multiplication, measurement, time and money. A strong foundation in basic math concepts is laid, later the student is introduced to fractions, simple division and dealing with mixed numbers.




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