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Early Registration - (Registration payment must be received by April 15th)
March 1st through April 15th
  spacer Pre-Kindergarten
1st through 12th
3rd Child
50% discount (applies to youngest child)
MATERIAL FEE: (Mandatory charge for all Brighton students. This cost covers consumables, workbooks and other needed classroom materials) material fee must be paid in full by July 1st.

1st through 12th
Open Registration Fees:
(New and returning students paying after April 15th)
(Material fee schedule above is an additional fee for all Brighton Students)
1st through 12th
3rd child
50% discount (applies to youngest child)

these rates include a deduction for required volunteer & fundraising duties performed*
(tuition rates are effective September 1, 2019)
1st through 5th
6th through 12th
10 Monthly payments*

* There will be an additional charge of $45.00 per month per family for families who do not fulfill their volunteer duty. We also require our families to participate in our two annual fundraisers; 1st semester raffle and Jog-a-Thon. Families who do not fulfill these fundraising requirements will be charged an additional $200 per student annually. All volunteer duty must be approved and coordinated and with the Brighton Academy front office.
•  There is a 50% tuition discount for the third (and youngest) child in a family; we do not offer a 4th child discount.
•  There is a ten day grace period for each month. Payments received after the 10th will be considered late and a $50.00 late fee will be charged.
•  As a courtesy to our customers our annual tuition is divided into 10 equal monthly payments (Sept thru June).
•  Registration, tuition and material fees are 100% non-refundable.
•  Supplemental charges may occur throughout the year (ex: $ 25 student insurance, $3.50 student planner, etc...)
•  If full tuition is paid at beginning of school year, a 5% discount will be applied. Tuition paid in full is non-refundable


Please bring the listed supplies on the first day of school. Label all supplies with permanent marker, except pencils, band aids, Kleenex and glue (these items will be shared). All materials must be replaced as depleted or damaged. Additional supplies/books may be requested at a later date.

Pre-K       Kindergarten     1st and 2nd Grades

3rd and 4th Grades      5th and 6th Grades     7th thru 12th Grades

sneakersDRESS CODE

Brighton Academy believes that learning about appropriate dress is an important part of a student’s education and personal growth. An awareness of dressing for occasions and events will prepare students for success in their chosen careers. For this reason, Brighton Academy maintains a conservative dress code for all grade levels.


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Brighton Academy believes family involvement is an essential part of a child’s education and fund raising participation and volunteer hours are required from all Brighton families. Parents are given a wide variety of choices in which to fulfill their volunteer obligation. Since fund raising is crucial at Brighton, families are required to participate in both our 1st semester raffle and our Jog-a- thon. We ask all parents and students to fulfill the individual fund raising goals set (minimum of $100 per student in 1st semester raffle ticket sales & minimum of $100 per student in Jog-a-Thon pledges) as well as attend these events and volunteer in the planning and the execution of these events.

• A minimum of 5 volunteer hours per month per family is required. (we will amortize any large number of hours spent on a single event over the school year)
• All Parents/Guardians must attend two "Parents of Brighton Academy" meetings per year.
• Student and Parent participation in all Brighton fund raisers and activities is required.
• Help in the planning and execution of our two annual fund raisers and meet fund raising goals that are set.
• All volunteering must be pre-arranged and documented through the office.

Please call the front office to schedule your volunteer duty. (541) 474-6865

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• Students must be in seats and ready to learn when the bell rings.
• Tardy students must obtain a tardy slip from the office prior to proceeding to class.
• Students must eat snack at recess and return to next class on time. No beverage or food is allowed in classrooms.
• Students must go directly to the café at lunch break where after eating they may proceed to free time.
• Students are not allowed in any room without adult supervision.
• Students are expected to clean-up their garbage and aid in keeping the campus clean.
• Students are required to have needed material with them in class (planners, pencils, etc.)
• Students are required to adhere to the dress code.
• Students are required to communicate in a respectful and courteous manner when addressing adults and fellow students.
• Students are expected to complete and turn-in homework and classroom work on time.
• Students are expected to listen and follow directions.

A disruptive child in class will be given verbal warning. After reasonable warning the student will be separated from the classroom and asked to read quietly. After 5 minutes the student will be allowed to re-join the class. If disruptive behavior continues parents will be contacted by the Principal and/or a staff member and the student may be suspended or expelled.

While on the playground, students are expected to:
1. Play safely and use equipment wisely.
2. Be considerate of other’s games
3. Leave the playground as soon as the bell rings.
4. Follow monitor’s directions immediately.
5. Use appropriate language and behavior among each other.
6. Keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.

TARDY AND ABSENCE POLICY When returning to school after an absence or after being tardy, a student must bring his/her excuse to the office to receive an admit slip. The student must bring the admit slip to teacher’s of the missed classes.

No hand held gaming devices (game boy, ds, etc. ) , music devises or other electronic entertainment devises are allowed on campus. Cell phones must be turned off and stored away during school hours.

Skateboards/roller blades/scooters or similar devices are prohibited during school hours unless the administrator for a specific activity gives special permission. These devices are not allowed inside school buildings. Use of skateboards/roller blades/scooters on the school premises during non-school hours is at the user’s risk.

Student Handbook pdf
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Other Information

Private Tutoring
Brighton Academy may require any student who upon enrollment is working below level to attend and pay for private tutoring (cost approx $20.00 per hour.)

Textbooks and Additional Costs as Needed
Textbooks, paperback books, workbooks, projects, classroom supplies, lab equipment and athletics will require additional costs. A description of these costs and grade level materials lists are available in the Business Office. These costs may be defrayed through fundraising. Additional (supplemental) class charges may occur during the school year in order for us to ensure that high-end additions can be contributed to our schedule.

Lost School Books and Supplies

The Brighton Academy administration strives to keep tuition and supply cost down. Non-consumable textbooks and supplies are reused each year. Each of these textbooks cost around $50.00 per book. Therefore, we must charge the student when they lose or destroy their issued textbooks. Likewise, there will be a replacement charge for lost student planners or other Brighton issued supplies.

Regular conferences are scheduled annually in the fall and spring to review student progress. Teachers may request additional conferences for the following reasons:
1. Student is not maintaining passing grades or achieving the expected level of performance.
2. Student is not maintaining behavior expectations.
3. In any other case the teacher seems necessary.

Report Cards
Report cards will be mailed home biannually after each semester ends.

Fire and Other Emergency Drills
Students and staff shall participate in emergency drills or rapid dismissal for fire or other emergencies at least once a month during the school year. When the alarm is sounded, students must follow the direction of the staff quickly, quietly and in an orderly manner.

Field Trips
Field trips may be scheduled for educational, cultural or other extracurricular purposes. All students are considered to be “in school” while participating in school sponsored field trips. This means student are subject to the school’s rules as may be deemed appropriate by the field trip supervisor.

As per Oregon State statutes a student must be fully immunized against certain diseases or must present a certificate or statement that, for medical or religious reasons, the student should not be immunized. Any student not in compliance with Oregon statutes and rules related to immunization may be excluded from school until such time as he/she has met immunization requirements. Parents/guardians will be notified of the reason for the exclusion.

Lost and Found
Any articles found in the school or on school grounds should be turned into the office or placed in the lost and found closet. Unclaimed articles will be given to charity periodically during the school.

School Pictures
Every year, class and individual pictures are taken. These packets may be purchased through the picture company and must be pre-paid and notice will be given before picture day.


Brighton Academy • 1121 NE 7th Street • Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Office: Phone 541-474-6865 • Fax 541-474-6866

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