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Fourth Grade Program


The fourth grade spelling program will continue to teach spelling through phonics. Students will study vowel-consonant patterns, rhyming sounds, dictionary and proofreading skills and will work toward vocabulary enrichment.

The fourth grade reading program will continue to focus on reader comprehension and voice inflection. Students will be introduced to figurative language, fact and opinion, and will predict outcomes. Students will read poetry, fiction, non-fiction and write informal book reports.

The fourth grade program continues the study of correct sentence structure. Students are asked to identify the various parts of speech, verb and prepositional phrases, and subject verb agreement. Students will continue with creative writing which will introduce the art of writing persuasively.

The fourth grade handwriting program focuses on instilling confidence in the student with the emphasis placed on legibility. Cursive writing is expected for all writing assignments.

Students will continue the practice of public speaking by presenting oral reports, poetry and dramatic pieces. This class is preparation for a more structured speech program in the sixth grade.


Students at this level will gain a deeper understanding of geography with practice in making maps, grids and mock trips. Students will become familiar with general world regions, land features and diverse cultures. American History This course is taught from “The Landmark History of the American People from Plymouth to the Moon”. In this fascinating narrative the author is able to blend the arts of scholarship and storytelling to show that History is more than just facts. This lively, authoritative, and above all inspiring introduction to American history focuses on people, recounting how men and women, fired by heart and spirit traveled from all corners of the globe to America and became its people. Necessity many times was the mother of invention as students will see time and again throughout the year. Students will be asked to partake in inventions of their own as different needs arise. Oregon History will also be taught.

Science study continues to encompass life, physical and earth science, as well as the human body. Topics will include properties of matter, temperature and weather, landforms, oceans and habitats. Oral and written reports will be required.

The fourth grade math program is a comprehensive study of place value and patterns, addition and subtraction, time, date and graphs, multiplication and division, perimeter and area, decimals, fractions and an introduction to geometry.

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