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First Grade Program

frirst gradeLanguage Arts
Students will review the sounds of the consonants and short vowels. Students then progress to long vowel sounds and blends. More complex spelling will include digraphs, silent letters and complex vowel sounds. Spelling tests at this level consist mainly of tests of these individual sounds and combinations.

Reading and Vocabulary
Instructional reading includes simple stories with an emphasis on character and lessons of morality. Students will study vocabulary, main idea and sequence of events. To further increase vocabulary, the teacher will read aloud books substantially above the students’ ability. Oral story evaluations will help students become comfortable in front of their class and begin the practice of public speaking.

Review of basic techniques, including the correct way to hold pencil and paper position help the student master this discipline. As work on printing continues, students will practice writing numbers and basic sentences.

Social Studies

This course is a basic study of geography introducing students to map skills, understanding direction, symbols and map keys, land forms, neighborhoods, and working with a globe. Students will also study continents and oceans.

Students are introduced to American History by patriotic songs and the study of famous individuals integral to the founding of the United States.

Throughout the year, the concepts and skills introduced include identifying the daily date, circles, squares and angles through the use of fact sheets, games and other various activities. Addition facts, counting by tens and hundreds, reading a thermometer, and trading in dimes and pennies are included in the curriculum. Students will learn to measure by inches and metric, and to subtract two digit numbers.

In this class, students will be introduced to insects, mammals, amphibians and their habitats. Students will also study the development of plants from seeds to flowers and food.



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