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Fifth Grade Program

While each of these subjects is allotted a separate time, each supports the goals of increasing the student’s vocabulary, spelling proficiency and writing skills. Students will practice various writing techniques from business letters to poems with the emphasis on spelling and proper punctuation. Refining students’ skills in organizing a paper will also be included.

The student will learn to read with confidence and comprehension and learn to enjoy various experiences and increased knowledge through reading. This will include doing book reports, various diagrams, and learning how to take effective notes from current news articles read by the students.

The student will learn to appreciate, organize and produce a neat, legible paper through practice. Additionally, students will practice writing what they hear by taking notes and through dictation.

Students will continue the practice of public speaking by presenting oral reports, poetry and dramatic pieces. This class is preparation for a more structured speech program in the sixth grade.


This course will include the study of the United States, as well as, countries around the world. Students will learn about the history and geographic features of the countries they study. They will also compare the physical and cultural characteristics of these world regions. Students will gain an understanding of map reading by studying street maps, longitude and latitude, and physical and political maps.

Students will study more intensely the four areas of science: physical, earth, life and the human body. Within that range students will study vertebrates, invertebrates, and the solar system.

The student will review the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) of whole numbers. Students will be exposed to story problems, measurement, and telling time. They will study the positive and negative of fractions with common denominators, equivalent fractions and mixed numbers. Decimals will be introduced.

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